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We got our box this morning, we have tried a few different services and yours by far is the freshest and the best. The produce is amazing. Cant wait for next weeks box - Elle
Order arrived today... cold, fresh and carried to the door. Box was filled to the brim with the most AMAZING selection of fresh fruit and vegetable. Extremely good value for money and as a family of 6 we were all very excited to see loads of fresh fruit and vegetables again. Made us all feel very loved and happy as everything felt lovingly selected and picked. Thank you for the bonus bananas too! So glad my friend referred me to you - Susanne
We got our first box this week and the produce is absolutely beautiful and there customer services is fantastic. I can high recommend🍎🍐🥒Jennie
My order arrived this morning, right to the front door! The box was overflowing with a huge selection of fresh fruit and veg. Fantastic value for money! Would highly recommend for anyone wanting quality fresh produce! Will be making this a regular purchase - Maddy
Beautiful fresh fruits & veggies delivered to your door. Definitely the best value for money that's around as the box is completely full (couldn't fit anything else) and a good portion of the produce is organic and spray free.
The team has also been really nice and helpful ! Laura
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