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Meal Planning with Gabi

This week we are joined by the fabulous Gabi Novais, a Plant Based Food Consultant originally from Brasil, now a proud Sunshine Coast resident and loyal KIN KIN FRESH customer. Gabi is also a proud mumma and specialises in educating, creating enjoyable, nourishing food habits and plans for you and your tribe. We get lots of requests and feedback around what to do with the abundance of our fresh fruit and veg so reached out to Gabi to share some tips with us this week !

Gabi; What I hear most of the time from people around me is that they don’t know what to cook or that they have nothing ready in the fridge when they are hungry, so they end up ordering take away food - overspending - or eating something from a pack - mostly unhealthy options.

Do you also find hard to get it started and create a MEAL plan for your week?

Check it out these tips that really helped me when I first started my cooking journey and also my clients:

🥘 Plan a MENU for your week with things that you enjoy eating

🥘 Check your pantry and make sure you are not buying ingredients to be used only once - when following a recipe sometimes it asks for a specific ingredient that you are likely to use once and forget about it, so check what you already have at home and replace it. Most flours, spices, milk can be replaced and you won’t over spend.

🥘 Create a shopping list and if you can, do an online grocery shopping (it’s saves time and money) the Kin Kin Fresh range of Fruit and Veg boxes along with Specials and Pantry are the best place to start of course !

🥘 Make sure that you separate some time to clean your fruits and veggies and cook, freeze them if you are overstocked. (I find that when I am looking at them while cleaning, I usually get more inspired to start a recipe straight away).  

🥘GO SIMPLE, if you don’t have much time and/or experience in the kitchen, follow easy recipes

I know that sometimes it can be tricky but I am here to help! If you want a specialist help to get your food routine organised get in touch with me, I'm a Plant-based Food Consultant and can help you to plan your meals and guide your life around the kitchen.

Thanks Gabi - you can connect with her below ! FB: Instagram:

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