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Simple uses for your fresh Honey

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Hmm nothing beats the sweet nectar of Kin Kin Bees........ the Mascot of KIN KIN FRESH farms, they are our superheroes! There are so many other uses for honey than just cooking, try a few of these whilst in lock down…

  • Calm your mind by relaxing in the tub, with a couple of added tablespoons of KIN KIN FRESH honey for the pure bliss and sweet soft notes it provides.

  • Use your favourite fruit from this weeks KIN KIN FRESH delivery by making a simple cold fruit preserve; clean and dry blemish free fruit, place in a jar and pour cold pure honey over until fully covered. Seal jars without air to keep fruit for months.

  • As the cooler months approach, don't forget your beauty regime. Honey is a wonderful skin treatment…. Grind honey and ground almonds with lemon juice and gently rub into face and body. Rinse of in bath or shower

  • Cleaning cuts and scrapes. As a powerful natural antiseptic it can be used to treat wounds and burns, and is very soothing for the little members of the family.

What do you do with honey ? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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