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Combat Kitchen Waste

We are all guilty of it. The best chefs in the world wrestle with wastage every day. And with the added anxieties of COVID-19, social distancing and panic buying there seems to be even more wastage happening around us.

One way to combat this for mother Gaia is when you receive your beautiful box of KIN KIN FRESH GOODNESS. BREAK IT DOWN!

We suggest finding some space near the largest sink in your house for your initial box processing. Set a chopping board up with a sharp knife. (This may even be in the laundry, where we fill up a sink to wash our produce) Trim up, or cut off any slight spoilage and dirty, or dead bits. Stuff like the dirty ends of celery, broccoli and bruised cauliflower. Oh. And don’t forget to wash your board between each task.

Not everything needs to be washed ASAP, we store our potatoes and root veg in the dry store (pantry) as is, until we need them. Basically, anything that you intend to refrigerate should be clean and free from outside cross contaminants before being stored. It’s also a good time and place to split up larger items like pumpkins or watermelon.

When we are prepping our KIN KIN goodness at mealtime the scraps and peels get chopped up as finely as possible and boiling water poured over them for compost “Tea”. So organic mother lovers ... what are some of your favourite tips and tricks to combat kitchen waste???

Let us know in the comments below #kinkinfresh #kinkinrecipes #kitchenwaste #eatcleanliveclean #compost

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